Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to my Stitching

I'm sure I must have A.D.D. because I'm so adept at moving from one project to the next, picking up right where I left off. So these days I split my time between Bible studies and sewing projects.
I just finished a sampler for my neice Tiffany and her new husband. They were married in September and this is the finished project. This was was a "quickie" - I had only two weeks to finish it before the wedding, so my quilting was put on hold.

Now I am back on track with my birth announcement for Adrian. Meredith has requested that I replace most of the red threads with a sage green so that it will fit better into the design scheme in his room. I am about 2/3 into it, working most of each quarter before starting the next. Here is my progress so far:

My friend Ruthie, who encouraged me to get back to cross-stitching several years ago, loaned me many of her "granny" charts and I've had lots of fun stitching little bibs. This was a kit, however, that I purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. It just seemed to fit into Adrian's bedroom better than anything I had seen. There are lots of baby boy clothes with puppy themes and trucks and airplanes. So this ought to be a good fit.

In the meantime, I'm trying to finish a quilted table runner for Meredith's long dining room table. It's in a monochromatic theme of blue floral prints. The pattern is the "friendship star" and this runner is 76 inches long and has eight or nine stars - I'd have to go look at it to be sure. But it's a really long sucker!

I can't help but admire my new sewing machine in that picture. I finally had to replace my loyal 1968 Touch N Sew model with a new one this year. After making a quilt out of flannel, the old machine just coughed its last cough! It served me well for almost 40 years. I'm just getting ready to sew the binding on the runner.

That's all for now. Thanks for joining me in my sewing room.

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Barbaranne said...

Simply beautiful Aunt LaRue! It's cute how your cross stitch for Adrian's room is in a sort of a quilt block pattern- combining both crafts! I cross-stitched way back when I only had two kids..., I'll have to take it back up..., right.